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Arabella Whitlock is an avid fan of the occult who came to Deadwood after her sister's passing. She is played by Marisha Ray.



Arabella has pale, freckled skin and long red hair. The residents of Deadwood are able to ascertain from her appearance that she comes from wealth[1]. She wears a bowler hat with a blue ribbon and flower, a brown dress of heavy fabric, and black leather gloves. Around her neck is a chain holding a tear catcher[2].


Arabella is well-educated, private, dutiful, and curious about both scientific and magical knowledge, including chemistry, alchemy, and the occult.

She performs her position as the wife of her former brother-in-law with a sense of duty, expressing that she married him for the sake of her family's fortune, despite their mutual lack of interest in each other[3]. She is careful to stick to the accepted modest behavior of married women at the time. While she has become used to the idea that she is "an object for men," she also speaks out against derogatory and patronizing comments she overhears about herself[4].

Arabella is loath to talk about the circumstances that brought her to Deadwood, and when pressed to do so, answers with a tight-lipped smile.

She is pragmatic, and does not appear to hold any belief in God, countering the Reverend's suggestion that she was blessed by God with intelligence by saying instead that she was "blessed with money," which can buy an education[5]. She does, however, believe in the occult, and approaches her research of this subject with the same scientific inquiry with which she treats the physical sciences.



After her sister passed away, Arabella married her widower brother-in-law and is trying to begin a new life. An avid reader and student of the occult, astrology and the world's mysteries, the newlywed Mrs. Whitlock comes to Deadwood looking for answers...and closure.
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