"You also notice that the female dwarven corpse, while devoid of any accoutrements, any coin purses, belts, or anything, does have [...] a pendant that is gleaming blue."
Matthew Mercer introducing the Amulet of the Shield[src]

The Amulet of the Shield was a magical amulet found by Vox Machina on the body of a female dwarf in the Underdark. On the front, it bore the insignia of House Thunderbrand of Kraghammer in sapphire. On the back, there was an inscription that read "For Lorna, my love". The amulet can cast the Shield spell once per short or long rest.[2]

The amulet was given to Lord Steddos Thunderbrand by Vox Machina on their return to Kraghammer. His reaction to the amulet was emotional, but restrained.[3]

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