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An Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location is a magical item that hides the wearer from divination magic and magical scrying sensors.


"While wearing this amulet, you are hidden from divination magic. You can't be targeted by such magic or perceived through magical scrying sensors."[3]

The amulet worn by Vess DeRogna, similar to that of Caleb Widogast, was in the form of an owl clutching a pearl.[4]

The amulets are called "veilers" by the volstrucker,[5] who routinely supply them to their agents.


When escaping from the Vergesson Sanatorium, Caleb Widogast killed one of Trent Ikithon's guards and stole one of these amulets. He revealed it for the first time to Beau and Nott when he told them about his murder of his parents in a trade with Beau to gain access to the Cobalt Soul archive in Zadash, saying that it had kept him hidden for five years.[6] Caleb never removed the necklace. It was the only thing he kept on when they reached the beach near Nicodranas and he swam in the ocean for the first time.[7]

When Jester was forcibly evicted from her Scrying on the high-level meeting of King Dwendal with some of his advisors, Caleb recognized the possibility that it was because they also had amulets, and began fingering his necklace.[8] Caleb used his amulet to dispel the invisible Scrying sensor spying on them within the Xhorhaus.[9] He began to realize it was less useful than it had been once the King and the members of the Cerberus Assembly knew he was traveling with the Mighty Nein, saying that he was now a bit compromised because the rest of the party was not protected like he was.[10] He brought up the amulet when they were discussing how best to hide the Cloven Crystal from Uk'otoa, reminding the party that it kept him and all of his possessions hidden.[11]

After the battle with Jourrael at the The Invulnerable Vagrant, Pumat Sol attached one such amulet to his chest from his own personal colllection of magical items to protect himself from association with the Mighty Nein.[12]

In Vokodo's lair, Caleb was "doing math" and staring at the floor for thirty seconds, then gripped his amulet and snapped the cord, offering it to Vokodo in exchange for his release. Vokodo noted it had been precious to him, and accepted it.[13] After Vokodo's death, Veth recovered it and returned it to Caleb, who pocketed it but did not put it back on.[14]

After an attack by Uk'otoa's minions on the Mighty Nein as they were aboard the Midnight Hammer on their way to Eiselcross, Caleb gifted his amulet to Fjord. Fjord had brought up his concern that although the attackers were after the Cloven Crystal, it seemed that Avantika had initially gone after Fjord himself. Despite this, when Caleb offered the amulet, Fjord refused at first, noting that it seemed like it was a part of Caleb. Caleb pointed out that he had not been wearing it anyway since they retrieved it from Vokodo because the Assembly now knew he was with the Mighty Nein, and Fjord then accepted.[15]

Fjord gave it to Jester to protect her against possible Scrying by Lucien and the Tombtakers,[16] and she eventually gave it back to Caleb.

In order to avoid being spied upon by the Tombtakers, the Mighty Nein broke into the Vergesson Sanatorium[17] and were successful in retrieving twelve more amulets from the volstruckers' supply.[18] They were given to the rest of the party, plus Yeza and Luc Brenatto, Marion Lavorre, and Essek Thelyss, in order to protect them from scrying by Trent Ikithon, whose attention was caught by the break in. As of 843 PD, Essek was still wearing this amulet when he joined Bells Hells for their travel to Aeor.[19]

While adventuring in the living city of Cognouza, some members of the Mighty Nein unattuned from their amulets in order to be better equipped for the fight against Lucien.[20] When the party arrived back to the Material Plane, they spent an hour reattuning to the amulets.[21]



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