Allowak's Sanctuary is a small secret village of intelligent yetis on the island of Foren in Eiselcross.


Points of Interest



The village's population is made up solely of yeti and abominable yeti.

Notable People


At the fall of Aeor, a crystalline monolith was thrown from the crash site and impaled the body of a yeti named Allowak. The crystal miraculously preserved his body, and other yeti who touched it found that their intellect increased and their bloodthirsty nature decreased. A small village of these more intelligent and peaceful yeti grew up around the crystal monolith, and the yeti living there attempt to bring their wilder yeti kin to touch it as well and be changed as they were. They keep the existence of their village a secret because they fear the theft of the crystal monolith.[2]

Dagen Underthorn, however, was aware of the existence of the village, and when the Mighty Nein had an encounter with a group of yeti who spoke in fluent Common mid-fight, mentioned that they must be "Allowak folk".[3] The Nein befriended and healed the yeti band and invited them into Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower for the night.[4]


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