Allison is a human pirate captain on Darktow and a rival of Captain Avantika. As an NPC, Allison is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Allison is a woman with curly, shoulder-length blonde hair and a scar over one eye that keeps the eye closed. She wears a tattered black coat.[1][2]

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Allison is a fierce and abrasive woman whose demeanor makes Beauregard seem friendly.[3]

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Prior to the Mighty Nein meeting her, Allison had been a rival to Avantika for some time. Avantika claims she had crossed paths with her multiple times, and that Allison has previously embellished information to gain favour with the Plank King. [4]

"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42) Edit

Allison is encountered by the Mighty Nein in the Bloated Cup whilst they are discussing their future plans with Avantika. Avantika notices Allison eavesdropping on their conversation and after calling attention to it the pair have a brief but tense interation, exchanging remarks after which Allison walks away and seats herself at the far end of the tavern. [5]

Later that night Beauregard wishing to talk to Allison in private, tries to slip her a message asking her to meet in the alley behind the tavern. Allison simply crumples the message up and discards it before communicating in no uncertain terms that she is not interested.[3]

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Avantika Edit

As Avantika's rival it appeared that neither had any particular like for the other.

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  • Allison's character was inspired by the daughter of a Critter who asked Matthew Mercer to include her in the game.[6]

References Edit

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