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Alfarr Lorelei, also known as The First Wolf, was a nobleman and a member of the Lorelei family. He was mentioned by Liam O'Brien in "Liam's One Shot: 'Song of the Lorelei'" (Sx36).


Alfarr was a persistent man, who, despite being near madness after becoming a werewolf, endured the experience and kept his sanity.


During a near-fatal encounter closer to the end days of the war between Julous Dominion and Dwendalian Empire, Alfarr Lorelei was bitten and cursed with lycanthropy. The curse burned into Alfarr's blood in a relentless fever that almost drove him mad, but he persisted. He had a daughter, Grenya, who fought the curse as well, and so did her sons, and so on. Early on the family considered lycanthropy a curse, but gradually younger generations saw it as a gift to be wielded responsibly. They created a ritual known as "The Taming" to help control the inner beast and used it to help their family.[3]

When Alfarr died, he was buried in the Lorelei mausoleum, where a small monument was built for him.[4]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • His name is a variant of the Old Norse Alfgeirr, that can be translated as "Elven spear" or "Elf skilled with the spear". It is possible that the name is also a reference to "alpha", the Greek letter to refer to the wolf that leads a wolf pack. While the theories about alpha behaviour in wolves are actually debunked, the general figure is still associated to the elder wolf, whoever is the parent of the younger members of the group (which, in a way, could still be compared with Alfarr's position as the first lycanthrope Lorelei).
  • Since Alfarr was a contemporary of Trence Orman (the discoverer of hemocraft) and both were on opposing sides of the Marrow War, it is quite possible that the First Wolf did not have access to that magical discipline to dominate his lycanthropy, having to control his lupine side in another way.
  • During the attack on Castle Lorelei by a drow soldier and some criminals from Deastok, several deceased members of House Lorelei were reanimated, with some of them being destroyed while others fled to the Cyrengreen Forest.[5][6] However, Alfarr's body remained in his monument, away from the magical censers that caused the undead to rise from their tombs.[7]


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