Alexandra Elise O'Neil is a world traveler and smuggler in the "Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Crystal Palace" (Sx46) one-shot. She was played by Marisha Ray.

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Alexandra has spent much of her recent time in India, helping the Likir monks hold a monster called "the village of the hungry night" at bay. They sent her back to London to retrieve a jade planchette to aid in their task. This led her to accept Rupert Merriweather's job at the Crystal Palace, as the planchette was reported to be there.

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Hanako Hayashi Edit

Alexandra and Hanako know each other upon sight, and seem to know each other fairly well. Alexandra has also met Hana's parents. When they part at the end of the night, Alexandra tells Hana to say hello to her mother for her, and that she hopes to see Hana again.

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Nefertiti is Alexandra's cat. She is an Indian breed that Alexandra brought back with her from her travels. She does not appear in-game.

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  • "The things I've seen you wouldn't want to wish on your worst nightmares."

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  • Taliesin's described his inspiration for Alexandra's character on the Critical Role blog as follows: "Marisha’s character was always supposed to represent the team’s muscle, with a good amount of lore drop. While the Indiana Jones comparisons are reasonable, Marisha’s character was actually modeled after Alexandra David-Néel: a real life world explorer who was one of the first westerners to gain entrance to the Forbidden City, and who participated in much esoteric dabbling (including Tulpa) and continued to travel the world until her death at age 101. She easily dropped into the game by changing a few facts, and by creating a backstory mission featuring a Monastery in Ladakh that could have conceivably held these artifacts (the Likir Monastery is still around, btw)."

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  1. Fan art of Alexandra O'Neil, by Marina Marinkov (source).  Used with permission.
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