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Alasterre de Vitrevos is a blood Cleric of the Matron of Ravens and the director of Tal'Dorei's Claret Order as of 836 PD.[1][2]



Alasterre is a human man with a slim build, with pale skin (except for a red vertical line that crosses his chin) and long black hair that falls to his shoulders and is partially held in place with a red ribbon. He wears a light robe with red and dark blue fabrics edged with turquoise; his sandals are the same dark color that reddens at the height of the cufflinks, where it ends with a design of red wings. He has both of his forearms covered with red ribbons, but the right one has over them a metal armband with feathers design. His right shoulder is also covered by a kind of metallic protective shoulder pad with a wing design; this piece is fastened with leather straps that cross his chest, in whose crossing flaunts the symbol of the Raven Queen; furthermore, his belt buckle bears the symbol of the Claret Order.[2]


Alasterre is very calm and sanguine, a young and confident man whose self-assurance helps him make decisions without hesitation, combining aggressive strategies with a general relaxed demeanor that is useful in battle, but makes it challenging for others to work with him as equals. Alasterre is meticulous and orderly, and very determined, trying to do what is best for his order and for his goddess' wishes. He desires to achieve all of his goals and get recognition in the process, thus being willing to accept whatever good or bad thing that comes to him as consequence.[1][2]


Alasterre joined Tal'Dorei's Claret Orders at some point in his youth and showed a talent for hemocraft as a blood cleric of the Matron of Death. He was mentored by Teresa Dulamar, director of the Orders and a fellow worshiper of the Raven Queen.[1][2]

At some point in or closely prior to 826 PD, Teresa died in combat. Despite his youth, he assumed the duties of Claret Director with confidence, becoming the youngest person ever to lead Tal'Dorei's Claret Orders. Teresa was resurrected, but she chose to act as Alasterre advisor instead of reclaiming her position. So far, Alasterre has proven to be an effective and self-assured director, frequently participating in field missions either with his own blood hunters or as part of adventuring parties. His long-term goal is to purge the world of undead, particularly vampires, and become famous in the process.[1][2]

Abdar's Promenade - Adrián Ibarra Lugo

Official art of Kel'jaia, Shirkuh and Alasterre receiving a quest from Lady Kima of Vord in Emon, by Adrián Ibarra Lugo.[art 2]

He has been to Emon, where he has met Lady Kima of Vord, paladin of Bahamut; Kel'jaia Uleoh, Syngornian delegate on the Tal'Dorei Council; and Shirkuh Marín, a famed sailor.[3][2]

Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • Dagger with a tear-shaped red gem


Human abilities[]

Unless otherwise noted, Shirkuh is a regular human without racial abilities.

Cleric features[]

  • Spellcasting
  • Channel Divinity: Turn Undead
  • Divine Domain: Blood domain
    • Domain Spells
    • Martial Weapons Proficiency
    • Channel Divinity: Crimson Bond
    • Channel Divinity: Blood Puppet (potentially)
    • Sanguine Recal (potentially)
    • Divine Strike (potentially)

Appearances and mentions[]


  • His name is a variation of Alasdair, which in turn is the Scottish Gaelic version of Alexander, which means "defender of man" in Greek. His surname is made up of two elements: de is a French or Spanish preposition meaning "of"; Vitrevos, on the other hand, seems to be a variation of vitreous, which means "glass-like".
    • His surname has the de preposition, just like the surname of Elias de Corvo, another famous member of the Claret Order, and Sarenne de Chastain, a member of the Order of the Lycan.
    • Like the etymology of his name, his style of clothing is reminiscent of the robes worn by young men in Ancient Greece.
  • Lauren Walsh, one of the artists in Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, declared that she based Alasterre's entire color palette on the color of veins, as well as fresh and dried blood.[4] His dagger also follows these color patterns, and its gem looks like a drop of blood.
  • It's possible that he worshipped the Raven Queen before joining the order, but he gained access to the blood domain when he was already a member.[2]
  • In the illustration of Alasterre receiving a quest from Kima, his clothes seem to have the inverse arrangement, and both his armband and shoulder pad are in the left side. It is unknown if this is a deliberate choice (that Alasterre wear his outfit both ways) or if it is a different interpretation of his design by the artist.[3]



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