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Alamads Haddou is the current marquis of Port Zoon and head of the Silverbone Smithing Guild, which operates throughout the Menagerie Coast. A former Shore Warden and an immensely skilled ironsmith, he is greatly respected. He is nicknamed Ironpuss but is referred as such only out of his hearing.

So far, Alamads Haddou has not been mentioned on Critical Role.



Alamads is an older dwarf man.[1]


Alamads is known for his iron will, sense of duty,[2] and honorable character. He is passionate about Port Zoon and its people, and he performs his job as marquis with clear intent, quickly punishing those who break the law or endangers the people of the city. He trains the local Zhelezo, with whom he works closely, to distrust idle hands, and convicted criminals are forced into manual labor for the local guilds to perform the harshest job in each industry. He is also described as crotchety and ornery.[1][2]


Alamads is a former Shore Warden who cultivated a respected reputation with a war hammer in battle. He is also considered a legendary ironsmith and a master of ironworking, which has earned him an equally respected reputation as a smith. These together earned him the nickname Ironpuss, spoken only out of his hearing.[1][2]

By 835 PD, he became the marquis of Port Zoon and also the head of the Silverbone Smithing Guild, which operates throughout the Menagerie Coast.[1] In his capacity as marquis, he strictly enforces of Port Zoon's laws. However, with the War of Ash and Light in Wynandir prompting him to focus most of his efforts toward production and supply chains, the Myriad was able to take advantage of his rerouted attention to increase their influence throughout the businesses and government officials of the city.[2]


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