The Alabaster Lyceum is the arcane college and research facility for magical and divine artifacts in the city of Emon.

The building appears to be built out of white marble, with very high ceilings, stretching up in some areas as high as 80 feet. Much of the building appears to be lit by magical orbs that are either set into the walls or into chandeliers. Some of the rooms have carved pillars depicting battles between devas and demons that spiral up the pillars. The building has guards near the entrances adorned with silver and gold armor wearing elven-like helmets.

A Circle of Teleportation is located within the Lyceum, which is where Vox Machina emerged after escaping from the illithid in Yug'Voril.

The Horn of Orcus was temporarily placed here while the trip to Vasselheim was prepared.

Notable People


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