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Ajit Dayal (pronounced /ˈædʒɪt ˈdaɪɑːl/) is a member of House Dayal, a Mahaan house in Jrusar, and oversees the Dayal Hall. Gurge Kisgregg instructed Chetney Pock O'Pea to find Ajit, who could further connect him to the Gorgynei.


Ajit is described by Gryz Alakritos, a socially nervous friend, as suited for large social occasions like balls and "much better at this". Gryz also felt that Ajit was "a good man".[2] He is described by Eshteross as "a philanthropic sort" and as having almost "too good" of a reputation within the city, which Eshteross felt made him a target.[3]

When Bells Hells visited him at Dayal Hall, Ajit wore a dark colored sherwani coat.[4] He has deep brown skin, short dark hair, kind eyes, and a friendly and open manner.[5]


Ajit is a member of House Dayal, a Mahaan house in Jrusar.[2] He oversees the Dayal Hall, an educational center located in the Core Spire.[3] He was a student of Daramon.[6]

One time in the past, on their way back from Evishi, Ajit and his wife were saved from monsters by Gorgynei. In return for their favor, he provided them with equipment and supplies.[7]

Campaign Three[]

Ajit was first mentioned to the soon-to-be-named Bells Hells by Gurge Kisgregg, who described Ajit as his only friend. In his attempts to help Chetney Pock O'Pea with his lycanthropy, Gurge said that he was captured when he came into Jrusar to look for Ajit in the hopes that Ajit could connect Chetney to the Gorgynei in his stead.[8] Unsure where Ajit lived now, Gurge instructed Chetney to look for Ajit at Dayal Hall in the Core Spire.[9] Some nights later at a ball, Chetney met Gryz Alakritos, another friend and a guest of Ajit's. Though Gryz indicated he may leave the party early, he was willing to introduce Chetney and Ariks Eshteross to Ajit, if they had time later.[2] However, Eshteross and Chetney left the party without speaking to Gryz or Ajit further. The next morning, Chetney asked Eshteross for further information about Ajit.[3]

After Bells Hells returned to Jrusar from Heartmoor Hamlet, Chetney sought out Ajit at Dayal Hall and with Imogen's help was able to meet with him. Chetney revealed his connection with Gurge, and Ajit told him that Gurge had saved him and his wife from an attack in the Oderan Wilds. In return, Ajit had provided Gurge and the other Gorgynei with supplies for a time.[10] Ajit told Chetney that he did have the option to cure his lycanthropy, and that should he change his mind in the future, he could come back and be connected with those who had the ability to do so. He also told the party that the Gorgynei had left some time ago for the Gloomed Jungles in Aeshanadoor, and provided Divaasheela as a contact.[11]

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  • Both this character and his learning center are a tribute to Ajit George (who admitted his Exandria equivalent even shared his dress style)[12] and his Shanti Bhava Children's Project, which has the Critical Role Foundation as one of its supporters.[13]



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