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Aimee Carrero is an actress. She played Opal in Exandria Unlimited, Deni$e Bembachula in Campaign Three: Bells Hells, Grimoria in Candela Obscura, and provided the voice of an Ashari girl in The Legend of Vox Machina, Season Two.

On Critical Role[]

Aimee was intended to be a guest player in Campaign Two. She was approached sometime around 2019 and was waiting for an opening in the narrative; her constantly changing schedule also made securing an appearance difficult.[1][2] Weeks before her guest appearance, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, preventing her from playing in the campaign.[1][3]

She later played in all eight episodes of the Exandria Unlimited miniseries from July to August 2021.[4] and played in "Generation Nord" (Sx72). In 2023, she appeared in five episodes of Critical Role's Campaign Three: Bells Hells, "Somewhere Out There" (3x59) through "A Haunted Past" (3x63). She also played in the fourth chapter of Candela Obscura. In 2024, Aimee returned in Campaign Three for two more consecutive episodes ("Broken Roads" (3x92) and "Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93)) but this time as her character Opal from the Crown Keepers.

In test games held before Exandria Unlimited, Aimee had played a character called Deni$e, whom Aabria immediately dubbed her "favorite". Deni$e appeared in Narrative Telephone as the storytelling character in Aimee's story.[5]

She has also appeared in "Let's Play Queen by Midnight!" with Aabria Iyengar, Laura Bailey, and Taliesin Jaffe.

Player characters[]

Other work[]

Aimee is known for her role as Sofia Rodriguez in the Freeform original comedy Young & Hungry and for her voice roles as Disney’s first Latina princess Elena Castillo Flores in Elena of Avalor and the title role of She-Ra in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


  • She appeared in "The Favor" (2x56) as one of Sam Riegel's supporters in the D&D Beyond Presidential Campaign.
  • Aimee made a cameo appearance in the final episode of Blindspot, in which Ashley Johnson co-starred.
  • After they played together as Opal and Orym, Aimee and Liam O'Brien developed a private joke between themselves: since at one point the warlock pretended the Ashari fighter was her child Nancy,[6] now both actors keep up the gig when speaking on social media, with Aimee acting like a mother and Liam responding accordingly.


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