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Aimee Carrero is an actress. She plays Opal in Exandria Unlimited.

On Critical Role

Aimee was intended as a guest player in Campaign Two. She was approached sometime in 2019 and was waiting for an opening in the narrative; her constantly changing schedule also made securing an appearance difficult.[1][2] Weeks before her guest appearance, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, preventing her from playing in the campaign.[1][3]

She later played as Opal in all eight episodes of the Exandria Unlimited miniseries from July to August 2021.[4]

Other work

Aimee is known for her role as Sofia Rodriguez in the Freeform original comedy Young & Hungry and for her voice roles as Disney’s first Latina princess Elena Castillo Flores in Elena of Avalor and the title role of She-Ra in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


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