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Aeormatons are artificial humanoid constructs created by the people of Aeor during the Age of Arcanum.

Physical description[]

Some Aeormatons from the time of Aeor's fall are humanoid in shape. Their bodies are made of metal, and they have smooth heads with no nose, a defined jaw, and eyes that glow a dull blue when they're powered on. Some have decorative etchings and filigree engraved into their body. Inside their chest cavity or head is a red crystal which plugs into a socket. The gem appears to be the central power unit for an Aeormaton.[3] Another Aeormaton had green-glowing eyes.[4] The glow of the eyes can dim slightly when the Aeormaton is engaged in introspection and lost in thought.[5]

At least one Aeormaton, awakened after the re-emergence of Aeor's "arcane guardians", was built much smaller and with a wheel instead of two legs, but still had blue eyes.[6]

Internally, Aeormatons have a fluid that mechanically enables their movement, and that fluid can be manipulated with hemocraft (blood magic).[7]


The process of creation is different between purely organic creatures and those of artifice. Much like two of you might create a child, I was indeed created, but through intellect, through power.
Aeormatons kissing - Sabira Langevin

Fan art of FCG and FRIDA, two aeormatons of different kind, by Sabira Langevin.[art 2]

Although automatons of all kinds were common during the Age of Arcanum, only the Aeorians were able to give them true sentience.[9] Although there was a long period of Aeorian history in which they were just considered servants, many of the Aeormatons of that time worked and fought hard for their freedom and to establish themselves as equals among their creators, and were eventually recognized as citizens.[10][11] Even then, and until the fall of the city, the issue of whether or not they had souls remained controversial.[12]

At some point after their creation and before the Calamity (although the exact period is currently unknown), Aeorian politicians gave several of their Aeormatons to different people around Exandria, as some sort of a peace offering or reaching for collaboration. Those automatons worked as caretakers or helpful companions until they tried to kill those to whom they were gifted; not all of them succeeded, and some even survived that rebellion. The event, known in history as The Care and Culling, created a precedent from which it was very rare to see Aeorian technology outside of said city, and thus it is now rare to find remnants of it far from its ruins in Eiselcross.[13]

Frog by Elaine Tipping

Official art of Frog the aeormaton, by Elaine Tipping.[art 3]

In 836 PD, the Mighty Nein encountered a number of destroyed Aeormatons in their exploration of Aeorian ruins. In the Praesidis Ward, they partially repaired an Aeormaton and named him "Charlie". They later brought this Aeormaton to a repair terminal in the Genesis Ward, where they were fully restored. The Aeormaton, whose true designation was Devexian, parted ways from the Mighty Nein to find his associates.[14]

Since Devexian was brought back online, he went about reactivating many other Aeormatons, who began to leave their ruined home city and find their way in an Exandria much different than the one they remembered.[15] According to Imahara Joe, between 838 PD and 843 PD Aeormatons began widely "waking up" and became much more common in Marquet.[16] By 843 PD, "arcane guardians" had been seen by those as far away as Jrusar in Marquet.[17]

Harmonious Aeormatons[]

Harmonious Aeormatons were designed as peacekeepers and diplomatic associates, and used as guides and communicators.[18] During The Care and Culling event several of them were used as gifts to Aeorian political rivals or enemies before being triggered to assassinate their hosts.[19] Fresh Cut Grass was one such Harmonious Aeormaton.

Far Ranging Integrated Defense Aeormaton[]

The history of these Aeormatons is unknown. After awakening, an Aeormaton named themselves F.R.I.D.A. after reading the text inside their face plate. They have shown the ability to record sound and play the sounds they've recorded.

Traits and abilities[]

Aeormatons are the Exandrian equivalent of the warforged from the Eberron setting,[20] and seem to have roughly the same traits.

  • Constructed Resilience
    • Resistant to poison damage[21] and advantage on saves against the poisoned condition[22]
    • Doesn't require air, food,[23] or drink[24]
    • Doesn't require sleep and can't be put to sleep by magic.[25] Rather than sleep, FCG enters "Stasis Mode".[26]
    • Immune to disease[27]
  • Integrated Protection: +1 AC, must spend 1 hour to integrate armor onto their body, integrated armor can't be removed unwillingly
    • In at least one case, an Aeormaton received help with integrating magical armor[28]
  • Specialized Design: Proficiency in one skill and one tool

Harmonious Aeormatons can innately cast Calm Emotions once per day.[29]

Far Ranging Integrated Defense Aeormatons have an ability called Living Shield: when an attack is made against a creature within 5 feet of the Aeormaton, the Aeormaton can use their reaction to impose disadvantage on that attack.[30]

One Aeormaton, who had a companion role, reported having been engineered without the ability to feel pain.[31]

FCG's end by Kaw

Fan art of FCG and his core, by Kaw.[art 4]

The arcane core of an aeormaton is filled with energy, and if properly damaged, that can result in an explosion with a narrow but very destructive blast radius with its own gravitational pull, that leads to the destruction of the aeormaton's body too.[32][33]

Known Aeormatons[]


  • Doty, a humanoid mechanical construct created by Taryon Darrington, is not considered an Aeormaton, although he shares several features with them. Doty acts more like a computer programmed to do specific tasks and responds to commands, rather than having free will, like Devexian or Fresh Cut Grass exhibited.


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