Aeormatons are artificial humanoid constructs created by the people of Aeor.


Aeormatons are humanoid in shape. Their bodies are made of metal, and have smooth heads with no nose, a defined jaw, and eyes that glow a dull blue when they're powered on. Some have decorative etchings and filigree engraved into their body. Inside their chest cavity is a red crystal which plugs into a socket. The gem appears to be the central power unit for an aeormaton.[2]


The process of creation is different between purely organic creatures and those of artifice. Much like two of you might create a child, I was indeed created, but through intellect, through power.

In 836 PD, the Mighty Nein encountered a number of destroyed aeormatons in their exploration of Aeorian ruins. In the Praesidis Ward, they partially repaired an aeormaton and named him "Charlie". They later brought this aeormaton to a repair terminal in the Genesis Ward, where they were fully restored. The aeormaton, whose true designation is Devexian, parted ways from the Mighty Nein to find his associates.[4]

Since Devexian was brought back online, he went about reactivating many other aeormatons, who began to leave their ruined home city and find their way in an Exandria much different than the one they remembered.[5]

Known Aeormatons



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