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An Abyssal Anchor[1] is a magical device used to create planar rifts connecting to the Abyss.


An Abyssal Anchor is composed of a silver disk inscribed with sigils with a mercury-filled glass sphere in the center that emits a dull orange glow. Four pink crystals wrapped in copper coils are placed at the disk's edge.[2]


When placed, an Abyssal Anchor slowly opens Abyssal rifts in a wide area around it.[3]


During The Calamity, Abyssal Anchors were used by demon generals to create rifts to the Abyss to invade various places in Exandria.[4]

In 836 PD, the Angel of Irons cult utilized crudely constructed Abyssal Anchors created by Vence Nuthaleus to sow chaos across the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty. The cult took advantage of the ongoing War of Ash and Light to deflect suspicions onto sabotage by the opposing nations. The Mighty Nein found two Abyssal Anchors in the Dynasty, one within Asarius,[5] and another in the stone giant stronghold called the Braan.[6]


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