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The Abyss is an infinite plane of chaos and evil. Unlike the Nine Hells' strict hierarchy, the Abyss is chaotic and unorganized.

The Abyss is one of the Outer Planes,[1] separated from the mortal planes by the Divine Gate. The mad deity Tharizdun, the Chained Oblivion, dreams its infinite depths and demon hordes into being, and since Tharizdun's defeat at the hands of Pelor in the Calamity the god has been shackled in the deepest pits of the Abyss.[2][3]

Connections to Exandria

Fan art of the Umbra Gate in Bazzoxan, by Miloš Radojkić.[art 1]

During the Calamity, the Demon Princes of the Abyss had a rare moment of unity, and they all had seats in the dark temple of Bazzoxan.[4]

Arcane devices called Abyssal Anchors can slowly tear holes through the barriers between the Abyss and the Prime Material Plane; they were used during the Calamity to allow demon generals to invade various places in Exandria, and the Angel of Irons cult used crude versions to cause demonic incursions in the Kryn Dynasty.[5]

A connection to the Abyss helps give Blightshore's Cauldron Sea its hostile character.[6]

Around 795 PD, a group of dungeoneers accidentally reactivated the gateway to the Abyss within Bazzoxan, which has remained open ever since, requiring a full-time containment effort by the Aurora Watch.[7]


Many beings reside within the Abyss, primarily demons.

Notable demons

Demon Lords

  • Orcus: Demon Prince of the Undead[12] and particular enemy of the Raven Queen.[13]
  • Yeenoghu: A demon lord of hunger and destruction chiefly worshiped by evil gnolls.[14]
  • Graz'zt: Demon Prince of Indulgence, Dark Prince of the Argent Palace, whom Obann once served as his Master of Wills.[15] King Trist Drassig pledged himself to Graz'zt during the Scattered War, and Graz'zt sent a horde of demons to fight on Drassig's side during the Battle of the Umbra Hills.[16]
  • Baphomet: The Horned King, Demon Prince of Beasts, master of minotaurs and other demonic bestial creatures.[17][18]

Other demons

Points of Interest

  • The Endless Maze: The layer where Baphomet resides.[24]
  • Azzatar: The domain Graz'zt controls.[16]
  • Thanatos: The layer over which Orcus reigns.[25]
  • Demonweb: The domain of Lolth, the Spider Queen, is tethered to the Abyss.[26] Also called the Dreadnest.[27]


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