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Aabria Iyengar is a tabletop roleplaying game streamer, podcaster, and writer. She is the Dungeon Master of the mini-campaign Exandria Unlimited and its two-part continuation Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, as well as the third chapter of Candela Obscura featuring the Circle of Tide and Bone. Aabria has also appeared as a guest on multiple Critical Role shows.

Critical Role Productions[]

Aabria first appeared on the fourth episode of Critter Hug, where she was interviewed by Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton. She then appeared as a guest in two episodes of Narrative Telephone and guest-starred in The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood as Tavima.

During the hiatus between Campaign Two and Three, Aabria was Game Master for the eight-part miniseries Exandria Unlimited and returned for the two-part Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, which together comprised the first canonical multi-session campaign set in Exandria led by someone other than Matt. She DMed again in two consecutive episodes of campaign three, "Broken Roads" (3x92) and "Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93), to close the adventures of the Crown Keepers. With ten episodes total, she became second to Matt for the most episodes played as Dungeon Master, overtaking Liam O'Brien's five episodes. She appeared in "Game Masters of Exandria Roundtable" (Sx69) alongside Matt and Brennan Lee Mulligan sharing their experience of game mastering in the world of Exandria.

She also appeared in "Let's Play Queen by Midnight!" with Aimee Carrero, Laura Bailey, and Taliesin Jaffe.

Player characters[]

Games Played as Dungeon Master[]

Other work[]

In the world of D&D, Aabria is a reoccurring guest player and game master in Dropout's D&D real play Dimension 20 and its talkback show, Adventuring Party, created by Brennan Lee Mulligan. Her player characters include:

She acted as the GM for:

Her implication in both projects those months made people call that period the "Summer of Aabria". In November 2021, she also served as the game master for the Imbalance mini-series of The Adventure Zone. [1]

Alongside Krystina, she is a recurring player of Into the Mother Lands, a long-term campaign played using the Cortex Prime system.[2] Aabria is a player or DM in several livestreamed tabletop RPG series on channels like Hyper RPG, Saving Throw Show[3] and the Happy Jacks RPG Network.


  • Aabria's first experience playing D&D was when she was invited to her husband's board game group, and was handed a cleric character sheet.[4]
  • Aabria was the first guest game master to share her playlist as the "architect" of Exandria Unlimited, and the second GM playlist overall, following Matt's playlist made in 2015 for his NPCs.
  • Aabria is the first person other than Matt to DM an episode of the main Critical Role show.

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