"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42) is the forty-second episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein explore the pirate island of Darktow, and attempt to undermine Avantika...

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Last we left off, The Mighty Nein had made their way to the Menagerie Coast, got swept up in a bunch of chaos, and found themselves out at sea, amongst the Swavain Islands, taken in by a pirate crew, captained by Captain Avantika, basically at threat of death otherwise.

[They were] sent to an island to investigate a temple, learn about seals that possibly are keeping [Fjord's] patron, Uk'otoa, at bay. [They] made [their] way back across the Lucidian Ocean, towards the city of Darktow. Actually, actively partook in some piracy. "Polite" piracy. [...] And found [them]selves at the pirate city of Darktow, surrounded by the Dragshallow Reef.

[They] had just arrived, with both ships, the Squall-Eater and The Mistake. The crew [they] had hired out of Nicodranas, looking very confused and concerned at their current fate, given the fact they were just hired hands at sea. [They] were ushered up along the sheer cliffs alongside Darktow Isle, a long stone shelf within the cavern where the Plank King himself greeted [the party], bid [them] entry to the Revelry, this extending band of pirates across this part of the ocean. [He] laid some ground rules and sent [them] on [their] way. And that is where we left off.
Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 42b

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 42

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Where once the waters rolled calmly by,
Where ocean's heart did sing,
There stalked a lass with a hungry eye,
And claws that grasp and wring.

With lantern lure of a glimmer pot,
With treasure in their eyes,
Below they swam to the gold they thought,
Would await them as their prize.

Yet each of them went to surely die,
Their graves to not be found,
For Dashilla and her hungry eye,
Collects the lost and drowned.
Dashilla's Shanty, as sung by the patrons of the Bloated Cup.[1][2]

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  • Caleb: "Yeah you seem distracted. Around this woman, you seem distracted around this woman."
    Jester: "I don't like her very much."
    Caleb: "Is it because she's a murderer?"
    Jester: "No."
    Caleb: "Oh. I don't like that part about her."
    Jester: "Oh. But we're all kind of murderers sometimes, aren't we?”
    Caleb: "I don't think that all of us are murderers."
    Jester: "No?"
    Caleb: "Are you a murderer?"
    Jester: "I mean we have killed some people."
    Caleb: "Yeah, but that's a very specific thing. You know, if your life is in danger, that's one thing. You know, if something happens in the heat of the moment or there’s danger in both directions. Murder is premeditated, that’s a very different thing. I find it hard to believe that you have killed someone with premeditation. I could be wrong, but..."
    Jester: "No, I don't, I haven't ever done that."
  • Caleb: "Well there's parts of it that he likes."
    Jester (sourly): "Like Avantika."
    Caleb: "I don't know. You, uh, you're sweet on him, eh?"
    Jester: "*sigh* I don't know. It feels funny."
    Caleb: "How do you mean?"
    Jester: "Well, you know when you really like somebody, but then you start to know them, and you go 'do I like them, or do I like who I thought they were?' And then you don’t know?"
    Caleb: "I think so."
    Jester: "And then you think that they were flirting with you but then you find out they probably weren't, you know? And so you feel like kind of sad about it. And maybe a little stupid?"
    Caleb: "I—that's...a little out of my realm of experience, I'm sorry."
  • Caleb: "Let's just focus on getting out of this place. Away from...that woman."
    Jester: "And now she's saying we all have to take the same boat! How are we going to get away from her??"
    Caleb (via Message): "We'll take care of her if we have to."
  • Travis: "That's a natural one, this is gonna fucking suck."

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  2. Matthew Mercer transcribed Dashilla's Sea Shanty on Twitter. Part 1, Part 2.