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  • Aaron Larsen

    I love the Periodic Table.  No, I wasn’t a chemistry major, but there’s just something about the orderliness the well-thought-out structure and the way that each tile on it encodes so much cool infor…

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Concerning the Abundant Terrace/ The Birtheart: There seems to be some confusion on the issue of which is the name of the district as a whole and which is the name of the temple at its heart. (..And …

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  • ATK1734

    Hello everybody, I've got another announcement to make and it is in regards towards "The Intrepid Tales of Brazen Storm."

    Sadly, there will only be one final post about our adventures in Exandria. Giv…

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  • ATK1734

    Exciting new update!

    July 28, 2019 by ATK1734

    Hey everybody! I know it's been a while since the last "Intrepid Tales" post, but our group has had some new changes happen. As the Exandria game has been put on a slight hold, we've since started a …

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  • Aaron Larsen

    Icon & Map Update

    July 22, 2019 by Aaron Larsen

    It being a slow-ish time of year for me, work-wise, I thought I'd take the opportunity put together some items I've been meaning to post about here for some time, but just kept not getting around to.…

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